60 minute Facials

DMK Transdermal Nutrition Treatments are a range of spa style relaxation facials which utilise the unique DMK Transdermal delivery system to get active ingredients to that target area. Healthy, youthful skin relies on vitamins, amino acids and proteins to maintain its optimum condition.

De-Sensitising Treatment | $125

This treatment is designed to combat sensitive and reactive skins with transdermal anti-inflammatory delivery, restoring normal skin functionality. Aids in reducing redness, inflammation and hypersensitivity whilst boosting the skins immune system.

Biogen C De-Stress Treatment | $125

Smooths out wrinkles, fine lines and expression lines, leaving a smooth, firm and velvet complexion. This is also a great treatment for clients with fragile capillaries, rosacea, or for those who suffer allergies caused by grass or dust.

Herbal Pigment Regulating Treatment | $125

Uneven skin tone and texture, freckles, pigmentation and dull devitalised skin. Prozyme exfoliates pigmentation and melanoplex drops acts as a powerful antioxidant against free radicals to brighten the skin.

Dermatox Treatment | $125

Detoxifies, purifies, clears and cleans the skin of congestion.

Sebaclear Purification Treatment | $120

For congested, oily and acne prone skins. Sebum soak spirals down into the skins pores and dissolves hardened sebum wax on the epidermis.