It took 47 minutes for the first message to arrive after we made an announcement that the salon was closing.

What followed is a string of texts from a regular client. ‘Tammy, what about my brows? You know I look like Freda Khalo without the tender loving care of your girls.’

‘Tammy, I know we are coming into the cooler months, but it’s Hervey Bay, and my leg hair literally grows like a second coat. This will certainly scare the life out of my sweetheart. He’ll wake and think the dog has crawled into bed.’

‘Tammy, those enzymes that you place on my face monthly have enabled me to lie about my age for the last 5 years. You know I have 10 years on my sweetheart and he thinks it’s only 2.’

‘Tammy, I’m so sick of hearing about COVID 19. I’m panicking about those Zoom calls. I could end up with a beard.’

‘Hi, it’s me again…sorry to be a pest. But I just watched this Youtube where a lady waxed her own brows and used men’s hair dye to tint them. Do you think this will work? Will the chemist brand be ok?’

Dear Client,
I am so proud of you for caring so much about your skin and appearance but PLEASE DO NOT use men’s hair dye on your eyebrows. Also please hang with us on our socials, as we promise to share videos and updates on how to manage some of the tricky services we normally do for you.

Let me book you in for an online skin consultation. We will ensure your skin is maintained ready for that moment the doors to the Beach House swing open. You’ll enter looking your fabulous self again. Order your products and the girls and I will deliver them to your door – free of charge.

Now as for the Freda Khalo look, I love that lady and all that she represented. But I do understand a monobrow is far from becoming.

Let me show you, during our consultation, the areas of your brows you’re allowed to carefully remove.

Chat soon,
Love Tammy

And that was how our time under COVID-19 restrictions was spent. Stopping our clients from doing crazy DIY things to their bodies, and helping

them to not scare the life out of their partners, families and zoom meeting colleagues.