open pores

Pores are the tiny skin openings that cool and condition the body by releasing sweat and oil. Every square centimetre of the skin has up to half a million pores. On the other hand, open pores can look like small pits on the skin creating the appearance similar to that of an orange peel. They develop as a result of accumulated dead cell material, blocked pores or insufficient free water and low moisture levels in the skin.

They are most commonly found in the T zone area (i.e. areas around the forehead, nose and chin) of the face, but can also develop anywhere else on the body. They can affect all types of skin.


Open pores can be caused by a myriad of factors including but not limited to genetics, dehydration, excessive & thickened oil flow (seborrhoea), acne and damaging the skin from constant squeezing and extractions. They can also be caused by an overuse of harsh chemicals in products and treatments that draw on free water levels and scrape and graze the skin.