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DMK Deluxe Masque Gift Set

Unwind, relax, and pull your hair back with the DMK Head Wrap as you treat yourself with the Deluxe Masque Gift Set. Experience salon quality treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Gift Set includes:

  • Foamy Lift 30g
  • Exoderma Peel 60ml
  • Deep Pore 60ml
  • Herb & Mineral Mist 60ml
  • Seba-E 7.5ml Travel Size
  • FREE DMK Mixing Bowl
  • FREE DMK Fan Brush
  • FREE DMK Head Wrap
  • FREE DMK Toiletry Bag

DMK Luxury Gift Set

For the ultimate skin care present this Christmas, indulge in DMK’s most luxurious offering of professional skin revision products in a brand new designer toiletry bag.

Gift Set includes:

  • Beta Gel 30ml
  • Direct Delivery Vitamin C 30ml
  • Betagen 30ml
  • FREE Herb & Mineral Mist 60ml
  • FREE Seba-E 7.5ml Travel Size
  • FREE DMK Luxury Bag

DMK Skin Renewal Gift Set

Feeling your younger self has never been easier! Smooth away fine lines and revitalise your skin with DMK’s Skin Renewal Gift Set.

Gift Set includes:

  • Aminodine Spritz 120ml
  • Nite Firming 50ml
  • Fine Line 30ml
  • FREE DMK Toiletry Bag

DMK Klear Skin Gift Set

Reduce redness, sooth inflammation, and feel your best this holiday season with DMK’s Klear Skin Gift Set for acne-prone skin.

Gift Set includes:

  • Acu-Klenz 180ml
  • Acu-Klear 30ml
  • Acu Masque 60ml
  • Acu-Moist w/SPF 50ml
  • Herb & Mineral Mist 60ml
  • FREE Acu Zap Pen

DMK Pedicure Gift Set

Treat your feet this Christmas!

Enjoy soft, smooth feet this Christmas with DMK’s Pedicure Gift Set. With bonus DMK Occulsive Gel Socks, this set will take your feet to a new level of smoothness.

Gift Set includes:

  • Herbal Pigment Oil 30ml
  • Calerase 60ml
  • FREE DMK Toiletry Bag
  • FREE DMK Occlusive Gel Socks