Brow Feathering $450

Eye Liner $450

Lips $500

Great for people with sparse lashes and  brows, uneven brows and lips, oily skin and people with a fair complexion. Permanent make up is also ideal for on-the-go women who always need to look their best  but cannot afford the time to apply make up throughout the day.

The pigment in the skin can last up to 5 yeas or more, depending on the colour used and the individual’s skin.

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Cosmetic Tattoo creations for eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, full lip and beauty spots are also referred to as Micro Pigmentation and Colour or Pigment implants, Derma graphics or Permanent Makeup.

These treatments are not new! In fact, they have been performed for thousands of years, yet they have only been available to western society for approximately 19 years.

Whilest many celebrities, such as Madonna and Elizabeth Taylor have benefited from these procedures please understand that this is about you and your needs.


Cosmetic Tattoo enhances your appearance through colour enhancement or rectification of imperfections.
Cosmetic Tattoo creations will save you time and frustration; you will look great twenty four  hours a day and it minimises the use of applied make-up.

You can swim, sleep, play sport, visit the hair salon and your make-up will still be there.


The first step is to discuss your requirements with the Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner. Matters discussed will include colour, shape, final results, expectations, the procedure, process and cost.


It is important to note that the procedure is conducted over more than one visit. In general a minimum of two visits is required and sometimes even three visits, depending on the desired final result.

Post Procedure Care and Maintenance

Your maintenance requirements will be discussed following the first procedure.


As this is a treatment designed for cosmetic enhancement, it is our aim to refine or define any of the facial features you feel you would like enhanced.

Whilst this procedure is often called permanent makeup it must be understood that what can be done with makeup and brush does not always translate into this procedure.

Clinical Procedure

For your personal hygiene, all consumables are disposable.

All treatments are performed in very CLEAN Conditions. The finest quality equipment is used and the needles are individually packed in sterile packets.

Each client has a new needle and new machine parts.
The Applicator works on the principle of a needle vibrating up and down and implanting colour into the skin.

Colour Matching

Whilst every endeavour is undertaken to match your requested colour, it is important to note that at times this can prove difficult.


What are the Pigment Lotions?

These pigments are specifically pre-mixed for use on the face.

Their intensity is much softer with the image of makeup in mind as opposed to normal body pigments, which are specifically created to design those magnificent pictures full of bright, rich, intense colours not suitable for the face.

The pigments used contain Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which are safe non-reactive substances. The pigment lotions are specifically manufactured for implantation into human skin.

Most of the pigments lotions are inorganic, excluding some of the lip colours, which can contain organic pigment. A powder is suspended in a solution of distilled water, alcohol and glycerine, which results in a smooth, fine, creamy liquid.

The pigments are mixed to create hundreds of colours.

Is it like a Tattoo?

Quite simply, yes! The difference can be in the machine. The traditional tattoo artist uses a coil machine and power box, which is specifically manufactured to power throught the thicker layers of the skin on body.

A Cosmetic Practitioner uses a Rotary Pen Style Machine, which has less power, is quieter, lighter and easier to handle, but most importantly, has completely disposable parts.

Always choose a Cosmetic Practitioner to work on your face. Whilst traditional body tattooists are magnificent artists, they are not trained in the structures of the face, the skin colourations and texture or the delicate needs learned as a professional make-up artist.

What does it look like on the Skin?

The final result is that of a softly applied muted pencil although the colour immediately after the treatment will look stronger, brighter and possibly darker than your desired colour.

In most cases you will lose approximately 30-60% of the intensity of the colour during the healing process. This is between 14 – 28 days.

Lip colours may lose up to 70% of colour. All this is relevant to the colour used, skin type, if you have followed your “Home Care Instructions” and the final desired result.
Colour retention is individual, and it is best to wait six weeks to see the final colour result.

Doses it Hurt?

Every one has a different tolerance to pains, some feel it more than others. If you feel, you may wish to take your usual pain control tablets prior to your treatment.

For your lip treatment, it is possible to arrange a dentist to give you a dental block, this is asvisable, however, we do have Topical Pain Relivers, which are quiet effective.