Drift Away – 50 minutes | $68

Unwind and relax with a full body rejuvenating massage, free your mind, body and soul.

Stress relief – 30 minutes | $52

Designed to relax and rebalance energy levels while alleviating muscular tension and pain.

Indian Head Massage – 30 minutes | $55

Drift away with a head tingling and shoulder massage, increases blood flow to relieve stress, head tension and pain.

2 of a kind – 50 MINUTES | $120

Relax and enjoy the moment together side by side with an unwinding full body massage.

Time to shine – 45 MINUTES | $70

Designed to get your body glowing, looking and feeling beautiful. Full body exfoliation followed by a nourishing body butter.

Time for me – 90 MINUTES | $150

Your journey will begin with a relaxing and uplifting back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by a rejuvenating facial, hand and foot treatment.

Infra Red – 30 MINUTES | $35

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DMK Body Treatments

DMK Body Treatments achieve remarkable results and can make you feel like a new person. The DMK Body Enzyme Treatment can stimulate skin cells to function correctly and link a domino effect, regeneration can begin at cellular level.

Lose Weight and Re-Shape $1800

DMK’s 12 week body re-shaping program is designed to reduce cellulite, encourage weight loss and firm and sculpt the body with a combination of the DMK Body Sculpting Wraps and DMK Body Enzyme Therapies. Dramatic results.

Body Sculpting Wrap $150

Designed to assist in the re-shaping and sculpting of the body. It provides a dramatic reduction in cellulite by creating a thermogenic effect. It increases circulation and elimiates waste material. Body Sculpting can provide an effective aesthetic result through tightening and toning.

Body Enzyme Therapy

Half Body from $160
Full Body from $320

The deeply exfoliating treatment is specifically designed for fast results on the body. While hydrolyzing redundant cell build up it increases circulation and lymphatic function. Excellent for cellulite, fluid retention, dry skin, poor circulation and ingrown hairs.

Alkaline Variation Treatments for the Body POA

A qualified technician may prescribe Alkaline Treatment for the following conditions on the body; acne, hair removal, scarring, folliculitis, pigmentation, freckles and sun damage.

Bust Treatment

Single Treatment $195
Additional Treatment Add $150

The DMK BUS Treatment is designed to tighten and tone the delicate tissue around the bust and decollétage using pro alpha 1 and body enzyme.

Stretch Mark Revision from $150

The treatment formula softens and dissolves tears in the skin before reknitting the structure of the tissue. Enzyme Therapy is performed to rebuild and strengthen the skin back to function optimally.

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DUO $130 P/P (90 MINUTES)

Mother and daughter time has never been so relaxing, spend the day unwinding with a back massage, facial, hand or foot treatment.


Full DMK skin consultation and analysis followed by Enzyme Therapy treatment, hand and foot massage with exfoliation, and Designer Eyes Package (Eyelash Tint, Brow Tint and Reshape)


Drift away with a Full Body massage and Full body scrub followed by a mini manicure and pedicure finishing with a head massage.

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