Body Sugaring is a centuries old hair removal technique dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. It involves the use of an all natural sugar paste applied to the desired treatment area and removed in the natural direction of the growth.

Body Sugaring significantly reduces the amount of pain normally associated with semi/ permanent hair removal. Leaves the skin ridiculously silky-smooth!

1/2 Legs $48
3/4 Legs $59
Full Legs $68
Standard Bikini $35
Extended Bikini $40
First Time Brazilian $85
Brazillian Maintenance $70
Underarms $25
1/2 Arms $35
Full Arms $48
Chest $48
Lip or Chin $20
Face (Sides, Lip, Chin) $40
Browlushious $35

Male Sugaring

Full Arms $55
Full Legs $80
Shoulders $65
Chest and Shoulders $75
Back and Shoulders $85