It’s time for a change in standard facial procedures; that change is The Facial Bar.  Our 30 minute facials aren’t a fluff teaser to entice the longer more expensive service. Our service to you is a targeted 30 minute service that delivers great results without breaking the bank.

We are the first and only express ‘facial salon’ in Hervey Bay. We provide results driven skincare treatments in 30 minutes. You can rely on us for superior professional service at a fraction of the traditional spa price. Our goal is to provide you with unforgettable skincare in our Facial Bar.

After your treatment, move on to our gorgeous make up bar where you can replace your own make up or have it done professionally with DMK cosmetics perfect for post treatment skin. Have quick and easy back to work make up or for that special evening or going for a more glamorous look whilst you sip on a collagen boosting cocktail. All this and be back to work within the hour.

Rest & Refresh

Refresh tired, dull skin with a deep polish, infusing it with much needed hydration and nutrients.

30 Minute Skin Boost

A stimulating treatment that will tantalise the senses for a quick workout that supports aged, depleted skin and skin with sluggish circulation.

Plump Up The Volume

Quench your skins thirst attracting 300 times its own weight in water, this fountain of youth works to keep skin at optimum hydration levels, leaving it looking plump and reducing the appearance of find lines and wrinkles.

Fade Away

Brighten skin and even tone affected by age and pigmentation with active ingredients clinically proven to make a visible change to the skin. For best results combine this facial with a bespoke treatment program.

Back to Work Make Up $15

Fresh make up to take you from the salon back to work, looking fabulous for the rest of your day.